Digital Elite, Masters of the Realms

Digital Elite, Masters of the Realms

Welcome to the brand new Digital Elite website.

All guild activities(guild meetings, events, contests, tournaments, etc) will be scheduled and posted on here before the fact.  I would like all guild members to go ahead and register and try to fill out your profiles asap. Introduce yourselves on the forums. Welcome to Digital Elite!


List of Rules and guidelines needed to follow to remain a member of Digital Elite.

No Spamming

No Scamming

No Begging

No Whining

No Asking for Promotion

Everyone will be expected to be respectful to everyone in guild.

There will be weekly meetings once we build up a better player count, every guild member is encouraged to give their input. Your opinion matters just as much as everyone else. Rank does not matter when comes to suggestions to make the guild more fun for everyone. Most important guild rule is have fun. If you have a suggestion for a guild activity, event, contest, etc please contact Aang Darkaway, Flaminburrito, or myself, we will be the event planners. We do have a website and we will have organized meetings, and we also have Instant messaging system that has no lag and no filter on the guild website(all chat is highly monitored so no bad mouthing other members or causing drama.) We will be having many events once we gain more loyal members. We accept anyone as long as they are respectful, good guild mates, who show they are loyal to us, and follow the rules of the guild and ALL members MUST follow all set rules for FreeRealms.

Always remember

We are Digital Elite
We are Masters of the Realms